Finance Council

Parish Finance Council promotes good stewardship through best practices. Our Finance Councils have two main tasks: they make periodic reports and they help a pastor prepare the parish budget. In making reports, they show what has been collected and spent. And in budgeting, the project next year’s income from a history of the last years’ income, and they plan for the following year the parish payroll, operating expenses, and capital improvements. The goal of the finance council is straightforward. It is to demonstrate the parish’s finances and to teach what will happen if income and expenses are as projected. The basic principles of accounting are fixed, unchangeable, and scientific. Members of Saint Anne’s Finance Council are: Craig A. Jesiolowski – chairperson, Joan Medeiros, Marie Pellegrino, Marge L. Dube’, Elizabeth Pires Fereira and ex office a parish priest.

Pastoral Council

Saint Anne’s Pastoral council, Lorraine Lecour, Gerry Morrisette, Eric Gregoire, Mary Sue & Gus Medeiros, Peter, Jacob Ayers and a parish priest by contrast, focus on something other than what is presently the case. Their concern is the future: what can and should be. It includes religious education, good liturgy, social justice, and care for the needy. Everyone will admit that no parish can do everything. That is where practical wisdom come in. The council with practical wisdom helps a pastor decide what the parish ought to do.

Pastoral care of the sick

If you know of a parishioner who is seriously ill or dying and would want to receive pastoral care, please call the parish office for the Anointing of the Sick. Those attending the sick have the obligation of calling the priest in time. Do not delay until death is imminent; the better disposed the recipient of the sacrament is, the more fully will he or she receive of its fruits.

Communion for the homebound

Our priests and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion bring Holy Communion to homebound parishioners who are unable to come to church. To be placed on the list for home visits, call the parish office at 508-674-5651.

Food pantry

Saint Anne’s Food Pantry c/o Phillipe Gregoire is open every Saturday morning from 9:30 until noon. It is located at the southwest corner of the lower church, in the former gift shop. Mailing address: 858 Middle Street Office, Fall River, MA 02721 Clients may receive food twice per month. For more information, call 508-676-9426.

Society of St Vincent de Paul

In addition to feeding the hungry, the members of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society visit the sick, clothe those in need, help keep lights on and provide heat. Won’t you consider joining the Society? Call the parish office at 508-674-5651.

Veterans Association

The Saint Anne’s Veterans Association is dedicated to assisting our parish’s veterans, and the parish in general, in many ways. For information or to join, call Roland Martineau (president, American Veterans Trust Foundation) at 774-644-0476.