Mass schedule

Sunday — upper church

  • 4:00 pm Saturday (Mass of anticipation)
  • 10:00 am
  • 6:30 pm

Winter cycle ( after Christmas season until Holy Week) All Sunday Masses are in the Shrine

Weekday — Shrine

    • 11:30 am Monday thru Friday

Request a Mass
Masses are offered for individuals as requested. If you are interested in requesting a Mass for a loved one(s) – living or deceased – simply fill out the form below.

Saint Anne’s Church is a 501(c)3 organization. Any gift donation you make is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

In the event of a winter storm, the weekday morning Masses will be cancelled if the Fall River School Department cancels school, and the shrine will remain closed. School cancellations will be announced on local TV and radio, and online at Mass cancellation announcements will be “tweeted” (another reason to follow us on Twitter).

Altar Servers

Our parish is blessed to have such a wonderful and devoted group of altar servers. Altar Servers observe a regular schedule of assigned Mass duties. If you are interested in becoming the Altar Server you may fill  Altar Server.registration form and contact our parish priest or Sister Lorraine.

  • Our parish conducts Altar Servers training periodically as needed.To Help assist at Mass, here is a quick checklist for you to follow:
    Before Mass Begins:
  • ◾Arrive at church 15 minutes early.
    ◾Sign in for the proper Mass.
    ◾Put on the alb
    ◾Light altar candles.
    ◾Quietly wait for Father at the front door of the church.
  • Solemn Entrance Procession:
  • ◾When the opening hymn begins the cross-bearer leads the procession, holding the cross, walking slowly and reverently, down the center aisle.
    ◾The altar servers follow holding the processional candles chest high.
    ◾The cross-bearer will step to the sanctuary and stand facing forward near the music cantor.
    ◾When the priest reaches the altar, he will genuflect to the tabernacle and the bow to the altar.
    ◾As the priest proceeds to the sanctuary, the cross-bearer places the cross in its stand.
    ◾The altar servers will place the processional candles next to the altar leaving them lit.

General items to remember during Mass:
◾Be reverent, prayerful and quiet on the altar (except to whisper for assistance from an experienced server).
◾Keep your eyes on the priest.
◾Keep your hands folded in prayer when standing and folded in your lap when sitting.
◾When presenting the water and wine cruets to Father, be sure to hold them with the handles facing outward so that Father can take them easily.
◾Experienced servers, please assist the less- experienced servers on the altar so that they may learn the process correctly.

After Mass:
◾Extinguish altar candles and processional candles.
◾Neatly hang up your alb where you found them.
◾Bringing back to sacristy of microphones.