Funeral planning

St Anne’s Parish funerals at Shrine

At the present time funerals are held at St Anne’s Shrine, our lower church which is easily accessible from the hospital’s side. It is intended primarily for funeral directors but is posted here for the convenience of all parishioners and visitors. The funerals are usually held around 9:00 am.

  • If the deceased was unaffiliated with any parish, a funeral at St Anne’s might be allowed if he or she has relatives who are parishioners.
  • In extreme cases, relatives and friends of the deceased should not serve as readers at funerals because their grief often makes the exercise of this liturgical ministry too difficult. Besides, readers should be practicing Catholics who are comfortable speaking publicly, and all too often those who request to do the readings (or are invited to do them) do not attend Sunday Mass regularly. Family members may select the readings (which the priest will read, if a parish Lector is unavailable) and assist with the placement of the pall. They may also present the gifts of bread and wine at the funeral Mass.
  • Ordinarily there will be Scripture readings before the Gospel, taken from the Old and the New Testament. Suggested readings for Catholic Funerals.
  • Eulogies are not advised during the funeral Mass. If someone wishes to deliver a eulogy, this may take place during calling hours or at the cemetery (after the Rite of Committal).
  • Our funeral music is standard consoling music: the proper Introit (Requiem aeternam), asking for eternal rest, at the entrance of the body into the church; the choices of Psalms as given in the Lectionary, or, alternatively, the Gradual chant; the In Paradisum as the body is carried out of the church. For guidelines in choosing appropriate hymns for a funeral Mass, click here; see also below.
  • For funerals involving a large number of people, everyone except the immediate family members should be seated in the church before the funeral liturgy begins.
  • It may happen that due to the unpredictable circumstances beyond our control, funerals may be relocated to the Shrine.

Planning a Funeral

For advice on planning a funeral in advance, click here.