The following devotions are held in the lower church (“Shrine”) unless otherwise noted.

Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic adoration at Saint Anne’s Shrine chapel is a Eucharistic devotion whereby members of our parish or pilgrims unite in taking hours of adoration before the Most Blessed Sacrament exposed, during every Sunday between 10 am and 6:30 pm Masses.

Why is exposition in the monstrance preferred?

To see Jesus visibly present under the appearance of the small white host is much more conducive to intimacy than hidden away in the tabernacle. Moreover, it adds an extra responsibility on the adorers to be sure to be faithful to the hours they are scheduled, since the suggested norm for having Jesus exposed in the monstrance is that there should be at least two adorers present, and He must never be left alone. Could not these words of our Lord be applied today: “Indeed, this is the will of My heavenly Father, that everyone who looks upon the Son, and believes in Him, shall have eternal life. Him I will raise up on the last day.”

What are some good reasons for Adoration?

To provide an easy, attractive, and practical way of rendering God adoration which is His due as our Creator of giving Him thanks for our redemption of making reparation for our sins and the sins of mankind; of petitioning the good God for the constant help we need.

To show our gratitude to our Lord for remaining among us in our tabernacles, and to make at least some atonement for the many sacrileges, indifferences, and ingratitude which He receives in His Sacrament of Love.

Marian devotions

  • Rosary – 10:50 am, Monday thru Friday (except First Friday)
  • Litany of the B. V. M. – First Saturday of the month following  Mass and during May devotions
  • Votive Mass of Our Lady – First Saturday of the month Mass, when permitted

Stations of the Cross

  • 10:15 am – Tuesday (in Portuguese)
  • 11:00 am – First Friday of the month and all Fridays in Lent
  • 2:30 pm – Friday, followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary in the Blessed Sacrament chapel

Sacred Heart of Jesus

  • Litany of the Sacred Heart – First Friday of the month following the 11:30 am Mass
  • Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart – First Friday of the month, 11:30 am Mass, when permitted

Saint Anne

  • July 18-26 – Novena prayer to St Anne following every Mass, in preparation for the Feast of SS Anne & Joachim, July 26
  • July 26 – Patronal Feast Mass immediately followed by chaplet, novena prayers and veneration of St Anne’s relics

Saint Jude

  • October 19-27 – Novena prayer to St Jude the Apostle following every Mass, leading up to the Feast of SS Simon & Jude, October 28
  • October 28 – Veneration of St Jude’s relics immediately following Mass
  • Second Sunday of Easter – Divine Mercy Chaplet

Saint Joseph

  • March 19 and May 1 – Litany of St Joseph following 11:30 am Mass

Saint Anne’s Oil and Holy Water

The Saint Anne’s church also blesses oil in honor of Saint Anne. We can use Saint Anne’s oil in the same way that religious people have used oil for centuries. The oil had been touched to a First Class Relic of St. Anne. The following attached prayer can be recited as a Nine Day Novena during times of sickness and suffering. St. Anne’s Oil also is a sign of our solidarity, a bond that unites us and the sufferings of our brothers and sisters with the sufferings of Christ who anoints us with the oil of gladness, the oil of hope in the one who suffered, died and rose from the dead and seals us with the gift of his Holy Spirit. St. Anne is the patron of mothers & grandmothers, of women in labor and of barren women. St. Anne’s Oil is available at the St Anne’s Church and Shrine Office after Masses. Your Donation is Greatly Appreciated. st.Anne's.oil