Safe Environment Program

Safe Environment Program
Creating a safe environment for children and young people is a diocesan priority and Saint Anne’s Church. All adult and teen leader volunteers who regularly work with children or vulnerable adults must attend this training.

The diocesan safe environment program includes:
◦Training for all volunteers regarding the dynamics of abuse and abuse-prevention strategies
◦Evaluation and conduct of the backgrounds of all employees and volunteers
◦Review and signing of the Code of Conduct and Standards of Behavior

All church activities  require the presence of two adults or one adult and two older teen.
This policy extends to:
◦All Church-sponsored trainings and events regardless of where the programs or activities are held.
◦Saint Anne’s events and activities outside of a regular classroom setting
◦Faith Formation classes and programs
◦Rite of Christian Initiation adapted for children
◦Babysitting, nursery and child care programs
◦Altar server training
◦Bible School

All employees are screened during the interview and hiring process. All new volunteers are to be interviewed and screened.

Sessions help recognizing boundaries, how to respond if boundaries are broken, and how to report boundary violations (employees/volunteers including trainers, must attend the session or re-training session.
◦Teen Leader Safe Environment: For teens, ages 13-17, wishing to volunteer in a ministry in our parish must also go though Called to Protect for Youth Program taught in  the Parish Faith Formation programs.

For more information, please contact our Parish office.

Please contact us at nearby locations:  St. Stan’s, St. Mary’s Cathedral and as well Mrs. Debbie Jezak for the training. CORI training information you may find by calling 508-674-5651

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