2016 Catholic Charities, Diocese of Fall River

The Catholic Charities Appeal for the Diocese of Fall River and our parish participate every year in this important charity and you have given last  more than $ 12,000. We wish to reach the goal of the last year. If you have not already donated, please prayerfully consider giving as generously as you can.  If you have not yet made your personal contribution please be sure to do it.  Your example of charity is a powerful testament to the importance of helping our local needy.Catholic Charities in Fall River 2016

This short video will give you some idea of the type of work charitable agencies of Fall River Diocese do and with your support Catholic Charities can ensure that these works will continue and grow. Making a positive impact on those around us is what lies at the heart of Living Catholic. Touching interviews with  less fortunate neighbors and friends in the Fall River Diocese. For more information visit http://www.frdioc-catholiccharities.org

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