All Souls’ Day

 November 2nd

mass-req On All Souls’ Day we pray and offer Mass for all the souls in the purifying state of Purgatory, but especially those of our relatives, friends, benefactors, and enemies. It is a pious belief that God manifests to them our prayers for them, that they also may pray for us. 11:30 am.


 Community Preservation Committee Meeting, Fall River

Please find enclosed notes from the Community Preservation Committee Meeting prepared by the generosity of Deacon Alan Thadeu
Meeting with the Community Preservation Committee (CPC)
Fall River City Hall – Council Meeting Room
Monday, November 2, 2015 6:00 PM

Attending on behalf of Saint Anne and the Diocese
Philippe Gregoire – President, Saint Anne Parish Council
Deacon Alan Thadeu – Asst. Finance Officer
Deacon Tom Palanza – Facilities  Consultant
Reverend Christopher Stanibula, Administrator of Saint Anne

The purpose of the meeting was for the Committee to determine and vote on the eligibility of the proposed projects.  Most applicants did not have representative present so I believe we made a positive impression with our level of commitment. The project was approved due to the iconic nature of the church building.  Now we move on to the detailed financial application due February 1,  2016.  However, it was strongly suggested that our application for funding include a descriptive section stressing the impact of the closure of the church to the community at large and not simply focus of the worship needs of the Saint Anne’s parishioners. CPC funding is derived from the City’s taxpayers through a surcharge on their real estate bills and this would ease any concerns of using taxpayer money on a religious house of worship. What was very clear at the conclusion of the meeting was the need for the Diocese to make a decision if we are going to move forward as this next phase of the application process will be costly in both time and money and there are a number of restrictions that will be placed upon the Diocese if we accept any CPC funds. There would, however, be no restriction on how we use the building i.e. the CPC cannot  determine who may enter the building or at what time; how the church is used, etc.
Restrictions include:
 A preservation restriction will be placed on the deed, in perpetuity, which can be applied on the outside, inside or both building envelopes. It will be binding on any future owner, no doubt affecting the value of the property were we to sell it.
 If we close the church, we would be required to maintain it in its historical
condition. Any work to the building, unless minor or emergency in nature would have to be approved by the CPC/Historical Commission.
 It prohibits any changes to the building that would alter the historical/architectural features of the building. It will prevent any future demolition of the building.
 The planned repair work could not begin until the release of funding – projected to be July 2016. Any work completed would need to meet the Secretary of the Interior Standards. The Committee understands that not everything can be done at once.  But since there is no set  amount of funds available each year, and as more groups take advantage of whatever funds are available, no future commitment of funding can be made.  And it is unlikely the CPC will fund the entire amount of any project – instead relying on some level of matching funds provided by the applicant.

The CPC seems adamant in their belief that completing any interior plaster repairs would not be logical until we examine and repair any roof leaks and repoint the exterior areas adjacent to the internal damaged areas.  Although this has some validity, this would add significant cost and time to this project.
The CPC is recommending (and will provide names) we hire an Architectural Historian (AH) and a Structural Engineer (SE) to assist us in preparing our final proposal.  The AH would be able to advise us as to the level of work necessary to bring the interior damaged sections up to the standards required for historical preservation.  The SE would be able to confirm that the building interior is structurally sound and should go far to meet the requirements to reopen the main worship space.  Mr. Antone Dias, a member of the CPC again pointed out his disagreement with the actions in closing the main church because of falling plaster. […]

If we are going to move forward with the CPC funding application, we need to decide if we are going to hire the Architectural Historian and a Structural Engineer so we can begin preparing a detailed scope of work and cost projections.  The February 1, 2016 deadline is not that far away.

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